Election Petition Judgement : Tower Hamlets 2014
[2015] EWHC 1215 (QB)

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 Judgement Summary Report to the High Court The Main Characters Title Page1.Introduction The law17.Election petitions39.The functions of the court45.Burden and standard of proof51.Agency61.Corrupt and illegal practices63.Personation and related ballot offences74.‘Ghost voters’ and the right to be registered82.Summary of the position concerning ballot fraud88.Making false statements about a candidate123.Payment of canvassers125.Bribery136.Treating139.Undue influence: general148.Undue influence: ‘spiritual injury’163.Undue influence: intimidation170.Background History187.Tower Hamlets in the 1990s199.The affair of the bogus fax218.Mr Rahman enters politics226.The 2010 Mayoral Election237.Mr Rahman fights back241.Mr Rahman and the Labour Party244.Mr Rahman as Mayor247.Mr Rahman’s level of control253.Mr Rahman gathers support258.Usefulness of the EDL263.The formation of THF279.Was THF in real terms a ‘one-man band’?285.Selection of THF candidates289.THF electioneering292.Conclusions as to the nature of THF293.The Evidence294.Mr Rahman’s evidence302.Interpreters305.Agency: Mr Rahman’s ‘agents’309.Personation and other voting offences310.False registration336.Personation342.Conclusion on false registration and personation343.Other voting frauds377.Conclusions on other voter frauds379.False Statements contrary to RPA 1983 s.106403.Press release 19 February 2014413.‘Black cardigans’419.The EHRC’s responses424.Press release 15 April 2014432.Press release of 23 April 2014452.Payment of canvassers460.Bribery461.Grants485.Conclusions on bribery by grant501.Bribery and the media513.Treating526.Undue spiritual influence575.Undue influence: Intimidation at Polling Stations625.General corruption633.Wider Consequences of the Findings of Corrupt and Electoral Practices639.Mr Alibor Choudhury641.The Petitioners651.The Returning Officer658.Counsel662.The Law Commission672.Formal Conclusions681.Afterword