European Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Convention Article 25
Plenary Court
Created by Protocol 14, Article 5

The Plenary Court shall

  1. elect its President and one or two Vice-Presidents for a period of three years; they may be re-elected;
  2. set up Chambers, constituted for a fixed period of time;
  3. elect the Presidents of the Chambers of the Court; they may be re-elected;
  4. adopt the rules of the Court;
  5. elect the Registrar and one or more Deputy Registrars;
  6. make any request under Article 26, paragraph 2.

Convention Article 25
Registry and legal secretaries
Amended and renumbered Article 24 by Protocol 14, Article 4.

The Court shall have a registry, the functions and organisation of which shall be laid down in the rules of the Court. The Court shall be assisted by legal secretaries.