European Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Council of Europe's Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms



The following pages contain the 105 articles collectively known as The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (CETS 005) as amended and/or augmented by:-

  1. Protocol 1 (CETS 009)
  2. Protocol 4 (CETS 046)
  3. Protocol 6 (CETS 114)
  4. Protocol 7 (CETS 117)
  5. Protocol 11 (CETS 155)
  6. Protocol 12 (CETS 177)
  7. Protocol 13 (CETS 187)
  8. Protocol 14 (CETS 194)

The CETS number is the Council of Europe treaty number.  The treaty details includes the dates when the member states of the Council of Europe signed, ratified and implemented the provisions of the Convention and the associated protocols.   Protocol 10 (CETS 146) is now ineffective.   Protocol 14 (CETS 194) contains amendments to the Convention.

The text of the original version of the Convention had been amended according to the provisions of:-

comprised also the text of Protocol 2 (CETS 044) which, in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 3 thereof, had been an integral part of the Convention since its entry into force on 21 September 1970.

All provisions which had been amended or added by these Protocols are replaced by Protocol 11 (CETS 155), as from the date of its entry into force on 1 November 1998. As from that date, Protocol 9 (CETS 140), which entered into force on 1 October 1994, is repealed.


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