Election Petition Judgement : Birmingham 2004
Bordesley Green & Aston Wards (Labour fraud)

Aston ward
The Warehouse Incident

  1. At about 1.30 in the early hours of the morning of 9th June 2004, four police officers of the West Midlands force attended the "NT" warehouse on the Wrylie Trading Estate off Birch Road East. On this, otherwise deserted, estate, there were several cars outside that particular warehouse. The officers saw two men about to get into one of the cars and spoke to them. The officers were then taken to a first floor office in the warehouse.
  2. In the office were several men sitting at a table. They had documents on the table in front of them which the police recognized to be election documents.
  3. How had this arisen ? Who were the men ? What were they up to ?